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William Ascenzo, Composer

This is the music blog of William Ascenzo, digital composer. I use Reaper and various EWQL and Best Service VSTs. Header art is the cover for "un jour dans la vie de la licorne", drawn by the wonderful
Sep 29 '14
Reynford's Theme ~ Reynford Withdraws Coolly




Track Seven of Spectral Signature: 「Reynford Withdraws Coolly」

The theme for Erine Persero’s loyal assistant, Sir Reynford III.

Sir Reynford is a magical fox whose family has served as Erine Persero’s assistants for three generations. Magical foxes are very long lived, so those three generations spanned several centuries. Reynford is brave, selfless, quick-witted, and incredibly perceptive, but other than his ability to speak, he has no special abilities or superpowers. He is fluent in over thirteen languages but, embarrassingly, never learned to speak Fox, and at his age he just thinks it would be embarrassing to try and learn it now. Sir Reynford has stood alongside at least three iterations of Spectral Warriors.

i don’t have a visual reference for reynford yet but just imagine speedwagon as a fox and you’d be fairly accurate

Sep 27 '14




Over the past week, the first three Spectral Warriors have been introduced!

Alice, with the power of 「Light」

Charley, with the power of 「Wind and Fire」

Morgan, with the power of 「Knives」

It will be a few weeks before the remaining 「four」 Spectral Warriors reveal themselves…

Sep 26 '14
Morgan's Theme ~ Workshop Of Knives




Track Six of Spectral Signature: 「Workshop of Knives」

The theme for the third 「Spectral Warrior」, Morgan Magus!

The Magus family has long been a family of sorcerers, wizards, witches, warlocks, and various magically-endowed people. It has been foretold that the seventh child of the seventh child of a Magus would have magical powers far beyond that of any mortal. However, Morgan, preceded by six brothers, was born with absolutely no magical aptitude. Her father was very disappointed. Her mother was just happy to finally have a daughter after six boys (even if it took her a few years to realize it). Having a child who was actually normal and didn’t draw unwanted attention to the family by giving pigs wings and siccing them on local physics professors was nice, too.

As a teenager, her rebellious phase involved donning a labcoat and reading as many books on physics, biology, and chemistry as she could carry from the public library.

Sep 24 '14
08 Charley's Theme ~ Owner Of A Blazing Heart




Track Five of Spectral Signature: 「Owner of a Blazing Heart」

The theme for the second 「Spectral Warrior」, Charley Hartell!

Charley was a childhood friend of Alice, both of whom connected over old episodes of Doctor Who on PBS. Alice always thought it was weird that Charley always wore long pants and fake antlers, and could never tell whether Charley was a boy or girl. Charley’s father couldn’t either, so he just let Charley choose on their own. Charley decided not to choose.

Despite usually being timid and shy, while manifesting their Spectral Signature Charley is unafraid to fight using overwhelming force. Charley loves their powers and considers themself a “superhero” more than any other Spectral Warrior, dedicating themself to protecting others. They haven’t quite got the quips down yet, but they’re getting there.

Alice doesn’t quite want to admit it, but Charley’s enthusiasm for having superpowers can be a little infectious.

Sep 22 '14
Alice's Theme ~ Spectral Signature




Track Three of Spectral Signature: 「Spectral Signature」

The theme for the first 「Spectral Warrior」 and owner of the Prism Orb, Alice Kuiper!

Alice nearly died shortly after she was born, but was saved by Erine Persero, a family friend and 1700-year-old unicorn in human form. What Erine gave up to save Alice is what led to Alice manifesting a Spectral Signature eighteen years later.

The daughter of two astrophysicists, Daniel and Grace Kuiper, Alice was raised with a love for science. Her rationalistic worldview is a bit dogmatic, and she still refuses to accept the supernatural as an answer unless all other possibilities are exhausted, no matter how many supernatural creatures she encounters. Alice is a natural-born leader and inevitably takes charge of any group she’s in, even if only out of a sense of obligation. She only fights enemies head-on as a last resort, and would rather use her agility and athleticism to subdue and misdirect opponents.

Alice’s dream is to be a physicist like her parents, but most of all, she wants to live a quiet and peaceful life. This was a dream she wasn’t really aware of until she started having superpowers and a magical orb for a heart.

Alice can’t help but admit that it’s fun to have superpowers sometimes. Constantly having to fend off attackers because of her superpowers, though, she could do without.

Art by missmagikarp

Sep 19 '14
Prism Orb ~ A Thirst For Power




Track Three of Spectral Signature: 「A Thirst For Power」

The Prism Orb is a 「beacon」 for anyone who seeks power over the Earth, and for thousands of years, all manner of hunters, be they human or not, have fought to take the Orb from its 「possessor」.

Even before the Orb completes itself within the body of its host and announces itself with 「rays of light」, there still are those who can sense its presence. When these hunters draw near, the young possessor must rely on a 「guardian angel」.

hey kids, week one is over! you know what that means? i get to start introducing characters next week!

Sep 17 '14
Erine's Sacrifice ~ Golden Blood




Track Two of Spectral Signature: 「Golden Blood」

Erine pricked her finger, watched a dot of blood well up on its tip, and reached out for the baby’s forehead. She hesitated, but pressed on, leaving a smear of gold-flecked red on her forehead that quickly turned clear and faded away, almost like rubbing alcohol as it evaporated. She’d never done anything like this before. But when she’d heard the news, she couldn’t help herself. She’d been friends with the Kuipers since that day in Arecibo, the last time she’d fought to protect the Orb. She didn’t care what she would have to sacrifice to keep the child alive. After all—Cadecus was dead. The world would go on without her.

It wasn’t until Erine had left the hospital and returned home that she realized what she’d given up. The same mirror that had always shown her true form to her now showed nothing but a human face.

Sep 15 '14
Prelude ~ The Eternal Force




Track One of Spectral Signature: 「The Eternal Force」

It has been present throughout all of human history, manifesting in every culture, every corner in the world where humankind exists—and perhaps even in some where no human foot has ever trod. A single, flawless 「orb」, perfectly spherical and perfectly transparent, harder than diamonds, and bringing with it 「Spectral Warriors」 wherever it appears. Sometimes these warriors would fight for dominance; sometimes they would band together to protect the 「Prism Orb」 from falling into the wrong hands. Sometimes the 「orb」 was a harbinger of destruction; other times a herald of prosperity. Some cultures considered it an avatar of the moon, some the sun, others some other star or planet. For over a thousand years, its existence has been carefully guarded and covered up, and now, in the modern era, all traces of its existence have been meticulously scoured from the histories of Earth. Only a few are aware of its existence, none of its ultimate powers—and none can say where or when it will reappear.

But when new Spectral Signatures appear on the Earth, the 「Prism Orb」 cannot remain hidden for long…

Sep 14 '14
Overture ~ Seven Hearts



The story and characters of Spectral Signature were first conceived in the spring of 2013 shortly after binging on Hirohiko Araki’s long-running manga JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure with Yuki Kajiura’s score to Madoka Magica playing nonstop in the background. Preliminary work began that summer, with the vast majority of the album coming together through the subsequent autumn and winter.

The story begins when Alice Kuiper, a young astronomy enthusiast and physics student, suddenly manifests a superpower known as a 「Spectral Signature」. As she comes to terms with her newfound abilities, Alice encounters others who have developed Signatures because of her—friends, strangers, and one person who may be responsible for Alice’s own Signature—and meets the man who has fought for over a thousand years to claim the power she now has.

This is not the first track, but rather, the zeroth track: a brief introduction to the seven people who now must take up the mantle of the 「Spectral Warriors」.

Cover art: mediarama

Character designs: missmagikarp

Music: william-ascenzo

My new album goes up for preorder tomorrow!

Sep 10 '14
Sep 8 '14
Sep 6 '14
Jail Of Jewels

I made a lot more of these while I was Internet-less!

Sep 6 '14

Hi, everyone! I just got internet at my studio apartment in Madison and finished my first week of my new full-time job!

The full-time job does not involve music in any way, but it is very cool! I will continue to be doing music on the side, of course.

Also, on the 15th of September, my newest album, Spectral Signature, will become available for pre-order! I will be posting tracks from it on a regular schedule starting then.

Aug 16 '14
Repose Of Souls


Even more Castlevania piano music!

Aug 13 '14
Dracula's Castle


Can’t stop making Castlevania piano music; won’t stop making Castlevania piano music.